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This document tracks downstream implementations and integrations of Multicluster API and provides status and resource references for them.

Implementors and integrators of Multicluster API are encouraged to update this document with status information about their implementations, the versions they cover, and documentation to help users get started.

Implementation Status


In this section you will find specific links to blog posts, documentation and other Multicluster API references for specific implementations.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a managed Kubernetes platform offered by Google Cloud. GKE's implementation of the Multicluster API is through the GKE Multi Cluster Service.

Please follow this guide for the first steps to set up multicluster services on GKE.


Submariner is an open-source project enabling direct networking between Pods and Services in different Kubernetes clusters, either on-premises or in the cloud. Submariner provides:

  • Cross-cluster L3 connectivity using encrypted and unencrypted connections
  • Service Discovery across clusters
  • subctl, a command-line utility that simplifies deployment and management
  • Support for interconnecting clusters using overlapping CIDRs

MCS controller for AWS Cloudmap

The AWS Cloud Map Multi-cluster Service Discovery Controller for Kubernetes (K8s) implements the Kubernetes KEP-1645: Multi-Cluster Services API and KEP-2149: ClusterId for ClusterSet identification, which allows services to communicate across multiple clusters. The implementation relies on AWS Cloud Map for enabling cross-cluster service discovery.

Please follow this guide for the first steps to set up the multicluster controller.

Antrea Multi-cluster

Antrea is an open-source project which is a Kubernetes networking solution intended to be Kubernetes native. It operates at Layer 3/4 to provide networking and security services for a Kubernetes cluster, leveraging Open vSwitch as the networking data plane.

Antrea Multi-cluster implements Multi-cluster Service API, which allows users to create multi-cluster Services that can be accessed cross clusters in a ClusterSet. Antrea Multi-cluster also extends Antrea native NetworkPolicy to support Multi-cluster NetworkPolicy rules that apply to cross-cluster traffic, and ClusterNetworkPolicy replication that allows a ClusterSet admin to create ClusterNetworkPolicies which are replicated across the entire ClusterSet and enforced in all member clusters.

Please follow this guide for the first steps to set up Antrea Multi-cluster.